About PPSA.net

PPSA.net is a compilation of every Personal Property Security Act in Canada. It is a website designed and maintained by Registry = Recovery Inc., a Canadian company that offers easy access to all Personal Property Security Registries in Canada, through its website www.RegistriesOnline.com Registry = Recovery Inc is a proud member of the Ontario Association of Professional Searchers of Records (OAPSOR), the National Public Records Research Association (NPRRA), and The Professional Paralegal Association of Ontario (PPAO).

What is a Personal Property Security Registry (PPSR)?

In Canada, Government databases that maintain public records showing security interests in personal property (chattels) for lenders, sellers, repairers, taxing authorities, government agencies, purchasers and the general public, are known as Personal Property Security Registries (PPSR). They are governed by Provincial Statutes known as Personal Property Security Acts (PPSA) and nine out of the ten provinces as well as the two of the three territories have enacted Personal Property Security Acts based roughly on Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code of the United States. It is expected that Nunavut will follow in the near future. (They currently use the Act from the North West Territories) In addition, the Civil Code of Quebec has recently been revised so as to provide a system of general application for taking security interests in moveable property, thus bringing that province's system closer to the mainstream of North American developments in this area of the law.

How does the PPSR work?

Lenders and borrowers enter into what are called "security agreements." The lender registers a "financing statement” or notice of the agreement in the PPSR. The information includes the name, address and date of birth of the debtor, the collateral pledged whether it is general collateral such as inventory, or serial collateral such as a car, the lender’s address and the term of the agreement, and is available for searching by potential lenders and buyers.

Who Controls a PPSR?

All Provinces and Territories in Canada maintain their own PPSR database. There is no National PPSR; such as in the United States, where they can file Federal Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) notices. Consequently, a record search or any interface with a PPSR database is Province or Territory specific.

How do I become a PPSA.net client?

PPSA.net is available to anyone who wishes to view the Personal Property Security Acts throughout Canada. Registry=Recovery Inc. provides its clients with point and click web access to PPSR databases across Canada through its website www.RegistriesOnline.com. For information on how to become a client, please click on the “Open Account” link at the bottom of our web page.